Speed Up Computer By Increasing RAM Using USB Pendrive

Increase RAM Using USB Pendrive

Increasing RAM Using USB Pendrive

Hello guys today all of you must using your personal computer and also you must get irritates when your computer gets slow down and does not perform well. In this case your computer lags the work behind and RAM gets full. RAM is a Random Access Memory which normally you get from 1GB to 4GB. But when you do lots of work this memory get filled up and your computer gets slow. In that time you can Boost Up Your Computer Speed. This can be done by increasing Ram using your external drives like pendrive etc. The method i have discussed below. So read the below post Speed Up Computer By Increasing RAM Using USB Pendrive.

Boost up Computer Speed By Increasing RAM Using USB Pendrive

Increase RAM Using USB Pendrive
You will use your pendrive in computer as a RAM Booster and then you can do multiple tasks in your computer and your PC will never gets hang. The feature is of windows that will help you to use external pendrive to speed up compter and this feature is called as ReadyBoost the feature by which you can Speed up your computer to perform better work. Read carefully all the steps below to Increase RAM Using USB Pendrive.

      1. Insert your USB pendrive in your computer’s USB port.
      2. Now in Computer right click on pendrive drive and select properties option at last.increase ram using pendrive
      3. Now in properties click on Ready Boost Tab.
  • And then select Use this drive.
  • Select the memory you want to assign to boost your computer RAM.increase ram using pendrive
  • Click on apply and ok and wait for seconds.
  • Your computer speed will get boost up until your USB is connected with your computer.

Now by this way by Boost up Computer Speed By Increasing RAM Using USB Pendrive. Please share this method with your friends too also help them and us.

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