How To Make a Portable Gaming System 2018

make portable gaming system

Here i will represented you that how to make portable gaming system.Through this post you can easy to make a portable game system.It is a small self-contained video game console with a built in screen, game controls and speakers.This electronic device is capable of playing only a single game. The portable game system offers a unique technology and superior game experiences.Portable gaming system aims to shrink a full gaming pc into the size of a handheld.It looks like a cross between a smartphone but it functions more like a shrunk-down gaming laptop.This post will finally teach you that how to make portable gaming system.

How To Make Portable Gaming System

portable gaming system

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The portable gaming system is a dream for DIY tech projects and ideal for custom gaming systems. We recently covered a few in our top 5 Raspberry Pi projects. Being a fully capable computer, the Pi can run emulators for just about any retro gaming platform so these projects let you play the best Atari, Nintendo or Sega games all on one system. If you look at these projects with jealously and don’t know where to start, you might be interested in PiGRRL 2 kit, which lets you build the ultimate portable gaming console.
The gaming system comes as a kit you have to build yourself, but ultimately results in a Game Boy-like system that can play anything you can emulate on the Raspberry Pi. Personally I love the idea of having full SNES games on a portable device. Even Nintendo’s 3DS lacks these titles in its Virtual Console. The gaming system has ABXY buttons, LR buttons, a D-pad, pause/start buttons and 4 extra buttons for custom uses. It’s battery-powered and has a speaker so you really have everything you need on the go.The kit includes a Raspberry Pi 2 computer and most of the part you will need.There’s a thorough guide that takes you through the build process step-by-step. The downside is that you need to do some soldering and the kit doesn’t include the case itself. Instead they provide the files necessary to 3D-print the case, which is something I think we’ll see more and more of now that the printers are becoming more above post is on how to make portable gaming system 2018.

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