How To Protect A Computer From Keyloggers

protect computer from keyloggers

How To Protect A Computer From Keyloggers – A Keylogger is a a computer program that records every keystroke made by a computer user, especially in order to gain fraudulent access to passwords and other confidential informationNow in this post i will tell you the software to protect a computer from keylogger attacks .As told in previous post we know that keyloggers mainly hacks keystrokes , But with this software you can change the keystrokes captured by keyloggers.

How To Protect A Computer From Keyloggers

protect computer from keyloggers
Download Anti Keylogger

How To Protect A Computer From Keylogger

Below software helps you to protect from the attackers attacks by preventing the keylogger to attacks on your keystrokes that can harm you by stealing your information from your computer. So you can stop such attacks using the software below and can become safe in your windows operating system.

How To Protect A Computer From Keylogger

Go to the link below , download and install KeyScrambler Personal version . It’s FREE and is very effective to protect you from keyloggers.

Version: 2.8.2
File size: 1.28MB
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8/8.1
Download Link :

Keyscrambler Personal

how Keyscrambler works ?

Suppose hacker install keylogger on my computer and I have open google chrome and try to login in my any of online account now keylogger install on my computer will capture that keystrokes . But Keyscrambler will be working on my browser which will change the keystrokes .

Keystrokes will change into any random keywords.

And by this hacker will get wrong keystrokes and we will stay protected.

Using this trick of How To Protect A Computer From Keyloggers the windows user will get protected from the keylogger attacks and also your personal data or identification PIN etc will be safe. Your passwords and emails etc will not get leaked to the hackers that do keylogger attacks on you to steal out your data from your computer.

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