How To Add Pattern Lock In Windows PC 2018

Add Pattern Lock In Windows PC

Hello guys, Today, I am going to share How To Add Pattern Lock In Windows PC. To Set Android Like Pattern Lock on your Windows OS Computer will apply your PC or laptop an android like a security system. You can also apply Pattern lock to Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 and 10 Operating systems. Almost totally Android phone has already inbuilt with Pattern Lock Technology which is very easy to use. And also when we installing Pattern Lock in your Computer will decrease the Vulnerability and Hacking Attempts. Now, I am Talking about the App Eusing Maze Lockit is nothing more than a normal lock system in your PC with few advanced features. But according to this post, you can also use this as a secondary lock along with the Password Lock in your PC for few extra coating to your Security. Then You can also backup your Pattern Lock as BMP image for future use when you forget the Pattern Lock. Learn about some tricks Add Pattern Lock In Windows PC.

How To Add Pattern Lock In Windows PC 2018

 Add Pattern Lock In Windows PC

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Muze Lock: – Maze Lock is used for a new technique to help your computer. This technique is based on a pattern. Firstly, You need to set your own unlock pattern by connecting few of the nine dots together (There is also a default unlock pattern has been pre-set). If you try to unlock your PC, you require drawing the same pattern exactly as you set. It is a cool and popular software which you can easily lock your PC with your customize maze How To Add Pattern Lock In Windows PC.

Maze Lock is also a powerful and popular tool designed to help you lock your PC with a single click on the tray icon. It gives a different locking system than the one bundled with Windows, Eusing Maze Lock places an icon in the system tray that allows you to either lock the machine instantly or with the help of custom hotkey. Then Eusing Maze Lock will show a lock screen and protected your computer.

How You Can Add Pattern Lock In Windows PC

Maze Lock is a useful application that provides its purpose and provides few interesting configuration options that can be easily set up by beginners. You can also specify the lock screen background image,  and  then change the pattern to 4 x 4 or 5 x 5  in windows PC. Eusing Maze Lock can also auto-lock the computer if windows startup and computer inactivity Add Pattern Lock In Windows PC.

How To Add Pattern Lock In Windows PC

With this popular application installed on your windows PC, then you will get a truly impressive security application How To Add Pattern Lock In Windows PC.

Some Features of Muze Lock

1. To Automatically lock on Windows Startup.

2. To Set Auto-Lock after certain Time Period.

3. We can also set  3 x 3, 4 x 4, or 5 x 5 grid types for the pattern lock in windows PC.

4. To Security Alert Screen with Siren Sound when entered wrong Pattern(can set N Times).

5. You can set Custom Message on the Lock Screen.

6. You can set a Custom Background image for the Pattern Lock Screen. etc…

To Set Android Like Pattern Lock in Windows OS Computer

Step 1 – Firstly, Download the Eusing Maze Lock Application and Install in your Windows PC.

<— To Download Eusing Maze Lock Here —>

Step 2-  After installing the application then you can view the Maze Lock icon in your System Tray on Right-Bottom Corner on your window screen.

You just Right Click your Mouse for Options How To Add Pattern Lock In Windows PC.

Step 3 – You should right Click the Maze icon, you can see the option as Follows.

Just choose to configure for setting up the Maze Lock.

Step 4 – To Setting Up Pattern

Finally, you have entered the Maze Lock Settings Page.

1. Firstly, Click Reset Pattern for removing default pattern Add Pattern Lock In Windows PC.

2. You should setup your own Pattern as you do in Android by Dragging with Mouse Click.

3. You should backup your Pattern. It will save a BMP image of your Pattern. Just create it Hidden and Safe.

4. Finally, Done with OK Add Pattern Lock In Windows PC.

Step 5 – General Settings In Windows PC

You are done with the Initial Pattern Setup.After this, we can also check the General Setting by clicking General Tab.

Playing with the General Setting is your Own wish as your Thoughts in the to add pattern lock in windows PC.

Step 6 – Background In Windows PC

It is an Optional Setting where you can easily change your Background image of the Lock Screen.

Firstly, Click Background Tab. and then you can easily set your image by Change Image button Add Pattern Lock In Windows PC.

Alert on Wrong Pattern Attempt

So, here is the best feature added to this Pattern Lock.

The PC screen will show a Security Alert Screen with a Siren Sound when we Cross the Wrong Pattern Login Attempts which can be set in General Tab.

And you can also enable to Login until the countdown timer ends.

So above post is tells us about how to add pattern lock in windows PC 2018.

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