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Airtel Free Internet Tricks 2017

Here,I will tell you about airtel free Internet tricks 2017. Airtel is an best internet connection for all users. Billons of people can use airtel internet. Airtel is an indian global telecommunication services company and airtel provides GSM,3g and 4G LTE mobile services. Go through this post and you can easy to learn airtel free internet tricks. Learn about some tricks.

Airtel Free Internet Tricks 2017

Airtel Free Internet tricks

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Airtel Free Internet Tricks are Given Below:-

Airtel Free Internet Tricks 2017 for all Android Smartphones:-

1. From google play store, you should download the Droid VPN android app.

2.After this, Make your account on Droid VPN app.
To start the server you got a free 3g Internet on any airtel sim with this trick on your android. This trick is working in some states and these states are UP, Rajasthan, Maharastra, Delhi, Punjab, Kolkata. I do not know about other states try in your states.

Airtel Free Internet Tricks 2017 for PC

You should check how to use Pd-proxy

Now about PC.

1.You need to download PD -Proxy Software in your Computer for PC. This software requires 2 MB space and download PD-proxy software from the official website.

2.After this, Make your account on a Pd-proxy website and run Pd-proxy software from your username and password on your PC.

Now you need to know this trick is provide you only 100MB daily in 3g and 4g. Do not search for PD-proxy crack voucher codes and premium account. This trick is 100% sure and tested trick. So I tell you If you wanna get free 100MB daily internet on your Airtel sim, buy the premium account. If you do not know how to do this contact then I feel very greatly to help you.

So above post is on Airtel Free Internet Tricks 2017

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