5 Best Apps For Rooted Android 2018

5 Best Apps For Rooted Android

Today, I’m going to share 5 best apps for rooted android. As we know that rooting helps to attain complete control and authority within the android system. When you root your android smartphone, it gives similar access to administrative permissions as on like operating system. This rooting process is only capable of smartphones, tablets and other devices which are running on the android mobile operating system. This post will give you 5 best apps for rooted android 2018. Till now we discussed 5 best apps for the rooted android device.

5 Best Apps For Rooted Android 2018

5 Best Apps For Rooted Android

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There are 5 best app for rooted android device are given below:-

Best Apps For Rooted Android

1. AdBlock Plus

This app is a free app and its open source application helps you to remove advertisements on your Android device. It is considered for root users even if for those who make a living on advertising. This app is very helpful for those who hates advertisements. This app is configurable so that some unwanted ads get through. It is considered to be the one who must have root

2. Dumpster

Dumpster app is used for data recovery. By this app, you can find files which you have deleted and then restore them. It can also support videos and photos, music files, documents, PDFs and some other important files which you may have accidentally deleted. Like most recovery apps, a root is not required for use but root access can improve the app’s performance and also helps it to find more lost files. Once you can installed this app, it acts like the Recycle Bin on your computer and you can also delete files permanently if needed.

3. Flashify

Flashify is one of the important root apps that all root users should have. It allows to queue up stuff to flash from recovery without having to reboot your phone. It includes tips, mods, kernels and boot images. It’s a great app for root beginners and it is especially useful for those who don’t enjoy by using the fast boot and ADB commands. It is the simple, good and modern interface.

4. Greenify

This app is used to climbed the list as one of those essential root apps a long time ago. This app also checks out your running apps and shows you which one is running, which one have been run, how frequently they have to run and how many times that each one wakes up your device. By using this information, you can also hibernate your apps to prevent them from running in the background.

5. Link2SD

This app will easily allow you to move apps over to your SD card. It also creates links to make your device believe that it’s actually on your device so that it works for apps that conventional. It is a great way to take advantage of your external SD card space. It is not as great as Marshmallow’s adaptable storage but it is a good until people actually get it. There are some bugs that used to read the user reviews before trying it out.

So, above post tells you the 5 best apps for rooted android 2018

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