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Best Jailbreak Sources For Cydia 2017

Best Jailbreak Sources For Cydia

Today, I’m going to tell you the best jailbreak sources for Cydia. As we all know that, Cydia sources are most important for any jailbroken devices and the more Cydia sources you have the more best Cydia apps and you can also install this on your iOS device. So, today on special demand of our customers, we are sharing the all new and best jailbreak sources for all iOS devices. In this post, you will find the best jailbreak sources for Cydia.

Best Jailbreak Sources For Cydia 2017

Best Jailbreak Sources For Cydia
Best Jailbreak Sources For Cydia

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Best Jailbreak Sources For Cydia

Best Cydia Sources & Repos 2017

In this article, we bring to you best Cydia sources or best Cydia repo to help make your world of iOS amazing and better. We all know that the assistance for any iOS device that is jailbroken, can also have Cydia installed and enjoy a one stop destination from where you can pick your favorite and useful as per your needs tweaks download and manage it directly from best sources for Cydia.

*Ryan Petrich’s Repo

This is one of the most reliable and sort after jailbreak community. The developer Ryan Petric himself is a very hardworking person who has for time immemorial aided and advanced multiple high quality and best jailbreak sources for the iPhone community users.

One of his most famous jailbreak contributions is Activator. He is also keen on releasing experimental products that utilize the technology that iOS offers at its best.

Specifically, there are multitudes of outstanding material in beta and also the final versions, which he hosts on his own private repository and in a personal repo, you can also find trial versions of Activator which is a tweak that is unavoidable for every jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device supported by the iOS.

*Ryan Petrich’s Repo Source Url


To add Ryan Petrick’s Repo you need to first launch Cydia in your iOS mobile. Click on Manage button at the bottom and then click on Sources button. Tap Edit option in the top right corner. Now Click on Add button in the top left corner and you will see the pop-up where you have to enter the URL. Copy and paste above Ryan pe trich’s repo source URL and hit Add Source option.

*iCleaner Pro Repo

This repo is hosted by Ivano Bianchi, who is also the author of the extraordinary iCleaner Pro tweak for jailbreak devices.

As we all know that there are two repositories which are best jailbreak sources hosted by Ivano. The first one comprises of steady software issues, such as iCleaner and iCleaner Pro for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The second repo is just fundamentally ground for some of the other cutting edges technology which releases labels in his own words as bleeding edge software. It should also be noted that in general, a repo basically for beta creations irrespective of if it may or may not be functionally complete comes bug-free.

*iCleaner Pro Repo Stable Url


*iCleaner Pro Repo Beta Url

*Karen’s Pineapple Repo

In the community of developers, she is known by her first name Karen or by the pseudo name angel wins. This is one of the best sources for Cydia, her repo is a complete package for jailbreakers community. Individually maintains her repo and is also a host to a large number of amazing products.

Moreover, it also has a secondary repo where she just stacks multiple web-based products for an audience of iOS users that are more technologically advanced. It also hosts a lot of different system utilities.

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