How To Block Game Requests On Facebook

Today i m going to share the trick How To Block Game Requests On Facebook.Facebook is the most widely used social network these days. It allows people to share news, updates and life events with their friends and family. And i am here with blocking of facebook game requests. Latest Facebook tricks that will provide you better Facebook experience and much fun. Read my all tricks of facebook for you How To Block Game Requests On Facebook.

How To Block Game Requests On Facebook

block game request on facebook

These are the latest facebook tricks which helps you to how to block game requests on facebook 2016.

How To Block Game Requests On Facebook

Blocking Facebook Games Requests

  1. You will have to Log into Facebook and open the Settings page. On the top-right corner of the page, icon as triangle shaped click on this after that click on “Settings”.

2. Then you will have to open the Blocking page, go to the left side of the screen, you will see a tab labeled “Blocking”. Click it to open the blocking tools.

3. In the block invites section you will have to Enter the name of the person who keeps sending you game requests.Click the name and that person will be added to the block list.Adding a person’s name to this section will only block the app requests from that person.You can add as many names to this list as you’d like.

4. If you don’t ever want to see a notification about a specific game,you can block the game entirely in this section. Enter the name of the game and select it from the matching results.Blocking apps will disable the app from contacting you or getting non-public information about you through Facebook.You can enter as many apps as you’d like.It is not possible to block all games at once. You will need to manually enter each game that you want blocked.

5. Then You will have to Open the Facebook App Center for allows you to see and add apps, as well as review your recent invitations. You can access the App Center by visiting facebook.com/games.

6. After that click the “Activity” tab which is located at the top of the page, next to the “Find Games” tab.


7. Then you will have to Check the “Invites” and “Requests” sections by navigating between the two sections by clicking their links and you will find any notifications that you wish to block.


How To Block Game Requests On Facebook:These post helps you to block game requests on facebook with our latest facebook tricks.

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