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How To Bypass Jio 4G 1GB Limit 2017

Today, I will share you knowledge that how to bypass jio 4G 1GB limit. Through this post you can easy to bypass jio 4g 1gb limit on your 4g smartphones. Jio is an very popular and execellent network in india. In India, So many people are used jio network. Relience jio was launched a LYF smartphones and jio sim is also free if you buy these smartphones. Reliance jio helps to get connected full hd call with video call with must faster connection than the other earlier mode of communication. This post is finally teach you that how to bypass jio 4g 1gb limit 2017. Learn about some tricks.

How To Bypass Jio 4G 1GB Limit 2017

bypass jio 4g 1gb limit


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Bypass Jio 4G 1GB Limit

100% Working Jio 1GB Limit Trick:

In this method, you can bypass your jio 1gb limit by applying only a small change. When you go through this trick you will also get unlimited internet even after the usage of 1GB. This post does not require any 3rd party applications or any changes in jio app installations. You just have to make the small change in your mobile settings. Here are the best steps to bypass jio 1gb Daily limit trick.

Some Steps to Bypass Jio 1GB Daily Limit Trick:

1.Firstly, visit my jio app and then Open my jio app to check your present balance.
2.After this, close the application and visit your settings option on your 4G smartphones.
3.In this step, You have to go to time and Date option and then change the date to next 2 days
4.Now open my jio app it will show your balance is Zero
5.Don’t worry you can use unlimited data without any limitations on your device.
6.If you have any confusion about changing the date, For example. Today’s date is 3rd July, change the date to Feb 2nd and then visit my jio app to check the data. Finally, It will show zero balance but you can use unlimited data on your device.

There are some Steps to remove Jio 1GB limit per day:

1. Go to APN Settings and set protocol as ipv4/ipv6.
2.You have to open UC browser and download some items till the data reaches 100 MB.
3.After this, you will receive one warning and your internet speed will go down.
4.Just resume the downloads if it works keep on going.
5.Now, Change the protocol to ipv6 and turn on jio internet and just do browsing.
6.Start Browsing till 50-60 MB then restart your device.
7.Repeat this process to use 6-8 MB
8.Again change the protocol to ipv4/ipv6 on your device
Some Steps to use Jio 1GB Limit Bypass Trick:

1.Firstly, uninstall every jio related apps, install old MyJio app
2.Then Open old My jio app list and install all 10 apps
3.After installing every app close your mobile data.
4.Then visit jio app list and open My jio app
5.Turn on your internet and click on Get Jio Sim on your device.
6.Your preview offer will be activated and do not ever update this my jio app again. Better you can uninstall MyJio app on your device.

7.You have to use the old version of MyJio app and follow the above steps for successful remove jio 1gb limit bypass trick on your device.

8.This jio 1gb trick works on almost 4G smartphones, and you successfully completed above steps you will be moved to preview offer where you can track your per day data and even real-time data.

This post Is Based On ipv4 and Ipv6 Changing at right Time Just Follow Below Steps Correctly

1.) First of All Just visit Mobile settings >> APN settings >> select JIONET apn >> Open It and change the APN protocol to ipv4/ipv6 on your device.

2) Secondly, Click Save Button and start using Daily 1Gb or 4Gb and use till it reaches around 700 MB.

3) After this, You complete 700 MB, You just Visit Youtube Website in PC and download 4-5 videos using IDM.

4) Your mobile data speed will reduce before 100 MB remaining in 1GB / 4GB Daily quota According To Your Plan on your device.

5) Your files will have to Get Stopped at this point then Just try resuming download multiple times.

10) If your downloading start does not stop It. If Not Then few steps are given below:-

11) Now Just Visit Mobile settings >> APN settings >> select JIONET apn >> Open It and change the APN protocol to ipv4/ipv6 to ipv6 Only on your device.

12) Open youtube again and then browse For Sometimes and consume around 50-60 MB data and restart your device.

13) Again use google/facebook/youtube and consume around only up to 5-10MB on your device.

So above post is on how to bypass jio 4g 1gb limit.

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