How To DDOS An IP Or Crash A Website

how to DDOS an IP or crash a website

Today, I’m going to tell you that how to DDOS an IP or crash a website. As we all know that a very lucrative market in the world of web is hacking and some people only hack for the fun of it or some people are also professionally into it. It is varying from website to website the skills and knowledge required differ. However, if you are very keen to crash a website, we just bring to you a quick solution. Ever heard of DDOS? DDOS stands for Distributed Denial of Service Attack. This article will explain you to that how to DDOS an IP or crash a website. Go through this post.

How To DDOS An IP Or Crash A Website

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What is DDOS?

DDOS is the one key of knowledge about the internet and also the multitudes of websites that it hosts are that these are hosted on a server. However, it is common knowledge that every web server is limited with an individual capacity to handle requests at a given point in time.

The important trick to performing a DDOS is to overload the web server or the operating system with lots of requests simultaneously. Since the website server is fully overloaded and it will not be able to handle the requests which will result from the system to hang and shuts down eventually.

Since the server will shut down and it crashes the website or also takes it down temporarily. The trick is that when you DDOS a website, it results to the website losing allotted bandwidth this resulting in crashing a website. When you overburdening a network with the enormous amount of requests simultaneously it will result in discontinuation of the transmission of data between a server and a user website also.

How To DDOS An IP Or Website?

how to DDOS an IP or crash a website

This whole process to DDos an IP causes a website to go temporarily in a down state or suffer a server with an inaccessible problem. There is only one way to bring the server up and running is by the system administrator by analyzing all requests which resulting from the DDOS a website.

how to DDOS an IP or crash a website

Below this, there are some methods on how to DDOS a website or an IP. There are some commands which is mentioned below which need to be followed to result from the crash of a server.

How To DDOS Website Manually Using Command Prompt

Fine Compatible Website

Just find a website that is small and compatible and you want to DDOS attack.

Search IP Address

Now search the IP address of this website. In order to fetch this IP address use the command: –

ping –t

IP Address

Then you will get an IP address which looks similar to and has some numbers.

Type Following Command

After this type the command: ping [ip address] -t -l 65500

Run The Command For a Long Time

Now you have to run this command for a long time or may be for several hours. If feasible use multiple computers to execute this command simultaneously

Visit Website After Few Hours

Also, visit the website after a few hours

Server Unavailable

After this, the website will show server unavailable or website is a temporary down message.

LOIC Automatic DDOS Attack For Website: –

If you aim to shut down a website completely, you will require the help of this tool named LOIC, also the abbreviation just for Low Orbit Ion Canon. Below are some steps to know that how to DDOS any website using this tool: –

Download LOIC Software

Firstly, you have to download the LOIC software from the link given below: –

Extract It To Desktop

When the software is downloaded, extract it to the Windows desktop.

No Installation Required

If you double-click on the icon after this the software will open it is also a portable software hence requires no installation process.

Enter Website

Now insert the website URL that you wish to crash

Enter IP Address

Though it is not required but you can also put the same IP address in the same IP field, which you want to find the ping command on Windows also.

Press Lock On

Next press the lock on a tab.

Attack Option

Under the option Attack -> Don’t make changes to timeout, HTTP subsite or the speed bar.

 TCP/UDP Message Option

Under the option TCP/UDP Message -> you can choose to mention whatever you want

Port Option

Now under the option Port -> change it to the value of the target website which to be hacked.

Method Option

Under the option Method -> select the option UDP from a drop-down menu

Change Thread Value

In this case, you have a really good PC that you can change the thread value to 20 or the default 10 should work fine.


Now press the IIMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER button

So, above post is on how to DDOS an IP or crash a website.

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