Best Facebook Tricks 2018

facebook tricks 2017

Today i am going to share the best facebook tricks 2018. Through these facebook tricks 2018 you can get free facebook followers, get free facebook tools, facebook hacking tricks 2018 and facebook hacking tricks and much more cool stuff in one post. Get the best facebook tricks 2018.

Best Facebook Tricks 2018

facebook tricks 2017

How To Send Multiple Facebook Friend Requests At Once

We always want to make new friends on Facebook so that we can communicate with them. In order to do so we need to send them a friend request. We made Send Multiple Friend Requests At Once Tool to speedup the process of sending multiple friend requests and adding more friends.

Steps to use accept all friend requests at once tool

make sure that you have installed Facebook Social Toolkit chrome extension , you can do this by visiting above link.

  1. Visit
  2. Start Facebook Social Toolkit by clicking on extension icon.
  3. Select Send Multiple Friend Requests At Once from menu items.
  4. Click on Send Multiple Friend Requests At Once button.
  5. Facebook social toolkit will click on all Add Friend buttons for you and send multiple friend requests as once.

How To Transfer Multiple Facebook Groups Using Facebook Group Transfer Tool

What Is Facebook group transfer tool? Facebook group transfer tool is ultra easy way to to Join thousands of Facebook groups in less time. You can use Facebook group transfer tool for transferring groups from one account to another account and explore facebook tricks 2016.

Suppose account A has 500 groups and you want to transfer these groups into your friend’s account then you can transfer them easily with Facebook group transfer tool.Facebook users are not allowed to join many groups at a time. Joining many groups is a painful process and needs a lot of time and efforts to join many groups manually. Facebook group transfer tool allows you to join thousands of Facebook groups in less time and simplifies the process of joining many groups. After joining these groups you can share your links and information on them. Thus it can help you in posting on many groups and promoting your links.

How To Use Facebook Group Transfer Tool

Download and install Facebook Social Toolkit.

Log in into your Facebook account and start Facebook social toolkit Click on Facebook Group Transfer button to start Facebook group transfer tool. Enter your premium license key that you received after purchasing Facebook group transfer tool Enter ID of your friend’s account where your want to transfer your groups.

Enter a suitable delay time and click on Transfer groups button. Facebook group transfer tool will transfer all the groups from first account to the second account. For avoiding Facebook ban, it is recommended to enter a large delay time of 10 to 20 seconds.

Get Free Facebook Followers

1. Follow our Facebook List
2. Enter URL of your Facebook Account / Page in Input Field
3. Press Get Followers Button
4. Wait for 24 hours For Facebook to update your followers.

How To Block App And Game Requests On Facebook

 Facebook is indeed cool and pretty awesome. It helps you connect with people around the world. Long lost friends can be found, existing friendships can be kept alive, families can stay close; the list of things that you can achieve with the help of Facebook is quite a long one, I should say. But nothing is flawless. Even though Facebook is great with all these functionalities, it often tests our patience by showering a bunch of irrelevant ads right over us. Read on, to learn how to get rid of the irritating requests from apps and games with a very few number of clicks.

  • Click on the down arrow at the top right corner of your Facebook page. This will give you an expanded list of options. Find and click on the option named Settings as shown in the screenshot.
  • A new web page for Settings opens up before you. From the left pane of the page, find and click on the option named Blocking.
  • In the right pane, look for a section named Block app invites. Under that section, there will be a text field named Block invites from. Here you can type the name of the friends from whom you get app and game requests on an irritating level. If you block friends from sending you app and game requests, requests from them will no longer be shown to you
  • Now if you want to block apps from sending you requests, look for the section named Block apps. Here you can type in the name of the app or the game to block them.

How To Download Facebook Or Youtube Videos With Savefrom.Net

Facebook now lets you watch videos from normal browsers. Watching is easy of course. But Facebook has no Download button like the Play button or the Pause button to download videos. This often creates a confused user. We mostly end up depending on some third party software to download the videosa from Facebook. I can say that the situation is not different for Youtube as well. So is there a way to download videos from Youtube or Facebook without depending on any third party software? Of course yes! Read on, to learn this post of facebook tricks 2016.


  • To download a video from Facebook, find the video first.


  • Now simply right click on any part of the video that you want to download. A context menu having the options Play, Unmute and Show video URL appears. You need to click on the option that says Show video URL.


  • Now a small text box appears with the URL that you requested. You need to copy this URL.


  • To download the video that you have selected, navigate to the site You can simply click here to get to the said site. Once you are there, you need to paste the URL that you have copied from the fourth step into the text box that says Just insert a link. Once you are all done, hit Download button. And yes, you can choose the quality of the video file to be downloaded as shown in the screenshot.


  • If you want to download a Youtube video, you can follow the same steps. Just like before, go toYoutube, copy the video URL and get the video from If you do not know how to get the URL of a Youtube video, take the following screenshot as a reference.

Free Facebook Tools 2018

Given below is a list of free Facebook , click on the links given below to know more about them.

 Best Facebook Tricks 2018

How To Add All Facebook Friends As Group Admin

To add multiple friends as group admin, you may need to click on multiple buttons as shown in the screenshot but Add friends as group admin tool is here to simplify the process.

Why to use Add Friends As Group Admin Tool

Make friends as group admin tools allows you to add multiple friends as group admin. It is similar to add friends as group member tool.

This tool is useful when you want to allow all friends to administrate single group.

Who can use Add Friends As Group Admin Tool

Due to some reasons  This tool is reserved for premium members , use this tool properly because incorrect use of this tool can annoy your friends.
To buy premium version you can use the link given below

How to use Add Friends As Group Admin Tool

make sure that you have installed Facebook Social Toolkit chrome extension , you can do this by visiting this link.

  1. Start Facebook Social Toolkit by clicking on extension icon.
  2. Add Friends As Group Admin Tool from menu items.
  3. Enter group ID and Click on Add Friends As Group Admin Tool button.
  4. Facebook social toolkit will add all friends as group admin and share this post best facebook tricks 2017.

How To Delete All Comments From Facebook Post

Delete All Comments At Once Tools allows you to remove all comments form any post. This tool works on almost all types of post.
List of comments that will be deleted after pressing the delete all comments at once button:

  1. All visible comments posted by you
  2. All comments posted on your post

How To Use Delete All Comments At Once

Make sure you already have installed Facebook social toolkit chrome extension from chrome web store, after that log in into your Facebook account, then follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Open the post where you want to run the tool and delete all comments.
  2. Make sure the comments that you want to delete are visible to you, comments can be made visible by clicking on “View more comments” link.
  3. After that click on “Delete All Comments At Once” button to delete all comments, comments will be deleted within few seconds and get facebook tricks 2018.


So above post is on best facebook tricks 2018. Share this post.

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