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How To Fix Any DLL Error In Windows

Today i m going to share the trick how to fix any DLL Error in windows.Through this post you will easily fix them.Now learn about DLL, or .dll as it is more widely known stands for Dynamic Link Library. The .dll was developed in order to allow multiple programs to run at the same time from your Windows operated computer and, just like with many other programs, there can be DLL errors that need to be addressed from time to time.It was developed so that users could run many programs at the same time. Because of this vast system that was created with DLLs, there are many DLL errors that can occur, some that are more common than others.Just Read the post and fix the errors with the help of this post How to fix any DLL Error in windows.

How To Fix Any DLL Error in Windows

fix any dll error in windows

Through this post you will download any of the dll error that is missing from your computer and paste in your system folder and by this you can easily fix any DLL Error in windows.

How To Fix Any DLL Error in Windows :-

1. First of all you will have to note down the dll error that is occuring in windows.

2. Go to the website

3. Now type the dll error which are getting while installing program.

4. Then  it will give you a zip file that you will have to download in your computer.

5. After that extract the zip file and you will get file for example “abc.dll.

6. Now you will have to paste the file in your computer in the folder based on your windows that listed below.

For Different windows path:-

Windows 95/98/ – Go to ” C:WindowsSystem
Windows NT/2000 – Go to ” C:WINNTSystem32
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 – Go to ” C:WindowsSystem32

7. Now restart your computer after pasting the file.

8. Thats it now you can easily install any program by following this simple tricks.

How To Fix Any DLL Error in Windows. By the Trick you can easily fix any dll file missing error in your windows and easily run your favorite games and programs that you were missing because of these .dll errors.

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