How To Hack Hike Account 2018

hack hike account

Today, I will represent that how to hack hike account. By this post, you can easy to hack hike account 2018. The hike is the best messaging app made in India for android and I-Os.In hike app, there are some interesting stickers. Most of the people used hike messenger and this app is better than other messengers like WhatsApp, IMO, Viber etc. And also you can use video call to all your friends. it’s also a cross-platform instant messaging service for all smartphones that uses the internet for communication. You can easily send documents, songs, pics and videos to all your friends with the help of hike messenger. Learn the method how to hack hike account.

How To Hack Hike Account 2018

hack hike account

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If you can easily hack hike account then follow few steps:-

To hack the Hike conversation, you can export all the conversation with the help of hike account. The hike Spy software is easy to install & it’s very usable and you can easily install and then run this software on a computer system and MAC. This software retrieves from the hike database with the help of Secure Socket Layer connection. Through this software, you can easily chat with anyone or group form.

1. Firstly, you’ve to download and install this software and then you need to install hike spy tool software to your computer or MAC.

2. Secondly, you have to clean all your temporary files in order to give up a fresh start or begin to software.
3. And then you can run your software on your system and place your victim’s phone number to get log in through this software and you able to get all the information & records, which you want to know.
4. You can change anything you want to change on your victim profile through this software.
5. Please remember that, do not delete the victim’s account because if you do this, then you come under ‘spam guy’ and then you will be disabled from the hike spy software.

How To Hack Hike Account

There are some steps to hack hike rewards:-

1. If you can hack the hike rewards you have to download and install an emulator such as Bluestacks in your computer system.
2. After downloading it and you then you should open the online contents and install APK file’ of Hike.
3. To send an invitation for a ‘non-registered’ number through your Hike id from your smartphones.
4. And run the application in the emulator and register that number in Hike.
5. After running the application, the number will get a message, which showing a four-digit pin and then enters the pin number in the emulator and press on the register. Then your Smartphone account will get a reward amount of 20 INR.
6. For registering another contact number, you have to uninstall the emulator from your device and then reinstall it.
so above post is on how to hack hike account 2018.


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