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How To Hack Skype Account 2017

Here, I will tell you that how to hack Skype account. Through this post, you can easy to hack any Skype account on your smartphones. Skype is a best messaging app for all users. There are so many people using Skype account. Skype is a popular app which including voice and video calls. In this app, Users can share videos, pics, and the documents. Skype is the very cheap app to call another phone. It does not cost money to call another Skype user.If you go through this post then you can easy to hack any Skype account on your device. This article will show you that how to hack Skype account 2017.

How To Hack Skype Account 2017

hack skype account

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There are 6 steps to hack any Skype account:-

Hack Skype Account 2017

1. Firstly, Go to the Skype website and then register the new disposable account. After this, put target’s email in the email field.

If you typed the email into form and attached to some Skype account, it means that you already have a Skype account and you can hack it also.

  • So, after this complete, the form and provide some fake BOD, gender, country, answer to question that How do you intend to use Skype? Fill any Skype name it will give you some suggestions of not taken ones, to solve the captcha assign some password and then proceed forward – push the continue button.
    You will be redirected to your new account dashboard. log out from it.
  • With the use of new credentials, run the Skype application.
  • ¬†When we just logged into a fresh account and then we see at home screen of the Skype application, there will be the advertisement that Finds your friends and says hello, click anywhere to bring focus on that part. Then press f5 button on your keyboard, it will refresh the home screen. Do that 5-6 times until you see Bring your Facebook friends into Skype advertisement.
  • Go to your Skype’s password reset system.Put the target’s email. For example- admin123@yahoo.com
  • After this go to Skype application, on the home screen, you will notice Password token, click on more info, go to temporary code link.
  • In end browser will open a page, where you can select any Skype account registered to target email, there are two account – my disposable and target.

So above post is on how to hack Skype account 2017.


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