How To Hack The Xbox 360 Controller 2018

Hack The Xbox 360 Controller

Today I am going to share the knowledge of how to hack the Xbox 360 controller. In this post, you can easily to hack Xbox 360 controller. Xbox 360 is a home video game console developed by Microsoft. It is the second console in the Xbox series as the successor to the original Xbox. The Xbox 360 competed with Sony PlayStation 3.The Xbox 360 was officially unveiled on MTV on May 12, 2005. This post will finally teach you that how to hack The Xbox 360 controller.

How To Hack The Xbox 360 Controller

Hack The Xbox 360 Controller

Xbox 360 brings you a total games and entertainment experience. Xbox 360 is the center of your games and entertainment universe

Hack The Xbox 360 Controller

To determining the age of the 360

You will need to write down your MFR date.
It will roughly tell you what board you have in your 360.

Next up, Determining your Kernel + Dashboard.

1888Dashboard is the first dashboard ever released, it is very unlikely you will have this dash installed.
2241Dashboard was directly available on the 360’s launch day so as soon as you have connected it to XBox Live and you would have received an update notice.
Dashboard 4532 and 4548 are vulnerable for the KingKong Exploit, chances of you having a 360 with such a low dashboard and are astronomically low.
7341 Dashboard and lower are vulnerable to the JTAG hack if you wish to JTAG it and then do not update it.
14699Dashboard and lower are vulnerable to the RGH hack
14717 and 14719Dashboard are vulnerable for the RGH2.
15572 Dashboard and above are hackable with the newly released ECC files.
They use the same method as the RGH2 or the R-JTAG chip
The CR4 XL is the preferred chip for these dashboards.

To finally, Visually determining your DVD drive.

After the visual inspection you will roughly know what you’re up against.
Xenon boards usually have a Hitachi.
Some have a Benq
Falcons usually have either a Liteon.
Jaspers pretty much also have a Liteon in it.
Slims are mostly Liteon ones, Hitachi drives are pretty rare.
Early slims have a Liteon for sure.

DVD flashing.
This type of hacking is the most conventional for most people.
In short:
1. You can flash your DVD drive with a custom firmware and it will allow you to play back upped games from a DVD.
2. Currently, all Phat 360 is are hackable and
3. Most of the older ones is to be dumped without a PMT
4. Liteon required a Probe 3 to retrieve the DVD key from.
5. Slim 360’s are hackable but needs either a replacement PCB a small hardware hack
6. All Slim 360 drives can be flashed easily.
7. LTU 1.2 has been released for all Slim drives.

So above post is on how to hack the Xbox 360 controllers 2018.

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