Hacks For Rooted Android 2018

Hacks For Rooted Android

Today, I will represent that hacks for rooted android. through this post, You can easy to know about hacks for rooted android.Recently I have seen that researchers are using android phones to hack into different companies and Android devices.So today I am going to share different fantastic tools that will help you into hacking easily. Learn about some tips and tricks hacks for rooted android.

Hacks For Rooted Android 2018

Hacks For Rooted Android

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Hacks For Rooted Android

Some Hacking Tools For Rooted Android

 1. Hackode: –

Hackode is a hackers toolbox which has so many different tools just for penetration testers and ethical hacker to perform different tasks from their android phone. This tasks include Reconnaissance,Google hacking,google dorks,scanning,ping,IP,DNS lookup,MX Records,DNS Dig,Security RSS feed and exploits also.


 2. zANTI: –

zANTI is a mobile penetration toolkit that helps you for security researchers just to find the risk level of a network with just a tap of their hand. It’s easy to use kit enables hackers and security managers to simulate advance attacks like man in the middle,bruteforce etc.

 3. Droid Sheep: –

Droid sheep is a android hacking tool which is made for security analysis in wireless networks. Droidsheep hacks session of the WiFi users and also in hands over all the details of the victims to the users. It is basically a ARP spoofing tool which is used to capture cookies and other data of the users over the WiFi network.

4.  Shark For Root:

Shark For root is a wire shark for android devices just to capture packets over 3G and WiFi network. It only makes dump files which you can open later with the help of apps like wire shark or similar software. To open the dump on android device use shark reader.

The app was not found in the store.

5. Nmap: –

Nmap i.e abbreviation for Network mapper is one of the best network scanning tool. It was mainly developed for Unix OS systems but now it is also available for android and windows users. Its not a official app but you can also scan IP, ports,mac address etc with the help of this tool.

6. SSH Droid: –

SSH Droid is a SSH server implementation for Android.This application will help you to connect your device from a PC, execute commands and edit files. SSHDroid is a SSH server implementation for Android.

7. NetCut : –

Arcai Netcut is just similar to Wifi Kill and is one of the best tool just to have on your android device after rooting it. This tool is only capable of Cutting anyone which is connected over the same wifi network. It’s also allows to the attacker to surf internet with faster speed without any interruptions.

8. Device ID Changer: –

This app is not like other hacking apps but it comes in handy to make your self totally anonymous. With the help of this app you can change your IMEI code,Mac Address ,Device ID and much more functions . It also requires Xposed framework to work.

Device Id IMEI Changer Xposed

9. Wps Connect: –

Wps connect is a tool which is used to hacks wifi networks and also shows you their password within fraction of minutes. Last time we had written important tutorial on how to hack wifi from android device .

10. DroidSQLI: –

If you are a security researcher that checks for sqli vulnerability in websites?then this is the perfect tool for you. DroidSQLI helps you to hack websites database with different injection methods like time based,blind,error normal etc.

11. Fing Network Tools: –

This best tool is totally similar to app like zAnti and Nmap but the little of these two apps is different. It shows you every persons IP which is connected to the server and their mac address,vendor name and lots of details of the user . The best part of this app is that its ad free app.

12. inSSIDer: –

InSSIDer is a tool which just shows you hidden wifi networks in your area. Sometimes smart wifi admin users in your area hides the wifi network from other peoples so they can’t see their wifi.but this app is a total loss for them.This app shows you exactly everything about the hidden wifi network SSID,Channel no,Protection type etc

13. Packets Generator : –

By using packets generator you can also Start DDOS attack on an ip or website directly from your android device. The effect is not that much strong but this app will work only for less speed networks for both 2g and 3g . You can also check the durability of your hosting or service provider with the help of this tool hacks for rooted android.

Packets Generator

Hack For Rooted Android – So above post is all about hacks for rooted android 2018.

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