Top 10 Best Microsoft Apps For Android 2018

top 10 best Microsoft apps for android

Today, I’m going to tell you top 10 best Microsoft apps for android. As we all know that the Microsoft is the best and the largest software developer company since very long time and no one has still reached that level just to compete with it. Although the Microsoft has excelled and top of the position in everything related to the software, applications for various OS but still there is one place where it has not gained much fame i.e Android. In a case of Android, which is the best OS for smartphones, Microsoft has also taken up the part to make some applications only for this platform top 10 best Microsoft apps for android. So in this post, you will know the top 10 best Microsoft apps for android.

Top 10 Best Microsoft Apps For Android 2018

top 10 best Microsoft apps for android

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Top 20 Best Microsoft Apps for Android

These are some best apps from Microsoft just for Android users that you will like to try in your android device. Have a look below: –

1. Microsoft Office Mobile

As you know that the mobile version of very famous and excellent software for Windows i.e Microsoft Office Mobile. You can also view, make minor changes to the documents of Word, Powerpoint, Excel files directly on your mobile through this app.

2. OneNote

Just organize your notes and also make them arrange like a book, you can also make notes of text, pictures, audio etc by this app. There are so many great notes making apps for android like Evernote but still, for moderate users, this app will play up the job very well.

3. Next Lock screen

This is a type of lock screen app with which you can easily see your notifications and also dismiss them directly on your locked screen. There is a great competition for this type of app but it still stands very hard in the crowd because of its some great features and good performance top 10 best Microsoft apps for android.

4. Smart Glass

It is great to a type of app that is made for just Xbox owners, by using this app you can also control your Xbox directly through their Android device and you can also control menu’s, play games, watch movies and so many extra things. This is a very important app for those who are using Xbox.

5. Cortana

A very good alternative to the Apple Siri that can help you to control your android through your own voice only. You can also use it to give up many commands for several tasks to your Android device. This also includes so many features and settings to modify up the functions.

6. Arrow Launcher

If you are fed up by using up your Android with same old looks then you might like to customize it by using some other great launcher that will replace your android home screen. Arrow launcher is clean, the neat launcher that will impress you really by all its looks and great features.

7. Bing Search

This is the app that you can definitely use to search on the internet using Bing search engine and not only that but you can also search on this app to find up the nearby restaurants, gas stations also. By using the inbuilt barcode scanner of this app you can also compare the price for products from major online stores top 10 best Microsoft apps for android.

8. Microsoft Excel

This is just the lite version of the very famous spreadsheets software for Windows PC. This app is not that much functional but still, you can do the most of the tasks really well, using up the tablet it works much more nicely as compared to others.

9. Hub Keyboard

By using up the traditional Google style keyboard on your android device may not give you that much great look and also flow while writing up your texts. To overcome these things, the users most likely change their default keyboards with the use of third-party apps. Hub Keyboard is the one of the best replacement for the default Android keyboard.

10. Microsoft Translator

This is the really amazing app as with the help of this app, you can also overcome the linguistic barrier or communication barrier easily. You just have to write or speak something in your own language and then this app will also help you to convert your inputs into some other different language top 10 best Microsoft apps for android. You can translate your language to up to 50 other languages and you can also make up real-time conversations through this app.

So, above post is in the top 10 best Microsoft apps for android 2018.

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