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Top 10 Best Operating Systems For Hackers 2017

 Top 10 Best Operating Systems For Hackers 2017

top 10 operating systems for hackers

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We are giving you here the 10+ best OS for hacking with descriptions and features and you can also check them out and download the one that you think is well suited or well defined for your work. So just have a look on these OS below top 10 best operating systems for hackers.

1. Kali Linux

It is one of the most modern operating systems that is used by hackers for pen testing and lots of security exploits. This is a Linux based operating systems(OS) that provides you privacy and safety from the vulnerabilities that other OS have in it. So must try this cool OS on your PC.

Features Of Kali Linux

  • In this full Customisation of Kali ISOs.
  • The Kali Linux ISO of doom is an excellent example of the flexibility of live-build, the types.
  • Kali Linux Live USB persistence with LUKS encryption also.
  • Kali Linux Full Disk Encryption.
  • Kali Linux on a Raspberry Pi and also a bunch of other interesting ARM devices.

2. Backtrack

The other Linux based Operating system is just backtracked that is being used from some previous years and best called as the OS for network cracking and pen testing top 10 operating systems for hackers. And it is also the one of the best OS which is used to perform different various network hacks with privacy.

Features Of Backtrack

  • One-stop-shop for all of your security required.
  • Metasploit for integration.
  • Wi-Fi drivers supporting monitor mode and packet injection.
  • Cisco OCS Mass Scanner, a very easy to use and fast scanner for Cisco routers to test default telnet and enabling password on PC.
  • A large collection of exploits and also more conventional software like browsers top 10 operating systems for hackers.

3. Pentoo

This is one of the best and most usable OS for hackers that is just in the form of Live CD.

In this, you just have to create a bootable USB of this operating system and then simply you can boot on your PC, and there is no requirement to install it, you just have to run it on your computer and do hacking attacks.

Features Of Pentoo: –

  • It is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions, the latter also having a significant speed increase from 32bitor 64 bit.
  • Includes the required environment to crack passwords using GPGPU with CUDA and OpenCL configured out of the box.
  • Built on hardened Linux, including a hardened kernel and toolchain
    Hardened kernel with an extra patch.
  • Uses a pen too overlay, which allows tools to be built on top of a standard pentoo build.

4. Nodezero

Nodezero is a good operating system that every pentester would love to try out on their computer. This OS was developed after the great necessity of so many things that are not present in another popular Linux based OS top 10 best operating systems for hackers.

5. Parrot-sec forensic os

Parrot Security is an operating system which is based on Debian GNU/Linux mixed with Frozen box OS and Kali Linux which provides the best penetration and security testing experience for the security testers and attackers. It is an operating system for IT security and penetration testing developed by the brilliant Frozen box Dev Team.

Features Of Parrot Security:

  • Custom hardened Linux 4.3.
  • It also has the kernel, rolling release upgrade line.
  • Custom Anti-Forensic tools also avail.
  • Custom interfaces for GPG.
  • Custom interfaces for crypt setup.
  • Forensic boot option just to avoid boot automounts.
  • It also has the most famous Digital Forensic tools and frameworks out of the box.

6. Network Security Toolkit

This is the popular best OS for security testing which also comes in the form of Live CD and you can directly boot on your PC, and you can also open this OS on your PC and you can do various hacks on your PC or laptop.

Features Of NST:

  • Many tasks that can be performed within NST which are available through a web interface that is called NST WUI.
  • Visualization of ntopng, ntop, Wireshark, traceroute and kismet data.
  • JavaScript also consoles with a built-in object library with functions that used to the development of dynamic web pages.

7. Arch Linux

Arch Linux is just a Linux distribution for computers based on IA-32 and x86-64 architectures. It is composed of a free and open-source software and also it can supports only community involvement.

Features Of Arch Linux:

  • Arch Linux uses its Pacman package manager, which joined simple binary packages with a very easy-to-use package build system.
  • This is the minimal Arch base package set beside in the streamlined repository.
  • Arch Linux is also used for a rolling release system which can allow one-time installation and perpetual software upgrades.
  • Arch strives is used to keep its packages as close to the original upstream software like as post.

8. BackBox

BackBox is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution penetration testing and security assessment oriented system which is used to giving a network and information systems analysis toolkit and this OS also also gives you the privacy and vulnerable free environment.

Features Of Backbox:

  • This has built one of the very first cloud platforms just for penetration testing.
  • Designed to be fast, easy to use and also provide a minimal yet complete desktop environment top 10 best operating systems for hackers.

9.  GnackTrack

After the release of this system five this OS is being developed and is now one of the best OS used for pen testing and also network cracking, and it is based on a Linux distribution.

10. Bugtraq

Bugtraq is a distribution based popular software which is on GNU/Linux aimed at digital, penetration testing and GSM Forensics and is one of the best choices of hackers.

So, above post is on top 10 best operating systems for hackers 2017.

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