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Top 12 Best Cool Prank Websites 2017

Hey, Guys! Today, I will discuss top 12 best cool prank websites. Through This post, You can easy to know top 12 best cool prank websites.With the help of these websites, you can enjoy pranks on your friends and relatives and also have an amazing time making memories that you will laugh forever. Though there is a new word to this now called “trolling” your friends and relatives. There are top 12 websites that are rampant on the internet. This post finally tells us about top 12 best cool prank websites 2017.

Top 12 Best Cool Prank Websites 2017

top 12 best cool prank websites

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Top 12 best cool prank websites are given below:-

top 12 best cool prank websites

1. Geek Typer

It is as similar to as Hacker Typer and also one of the best good troll websites in all over the world. You will get more new features and theme in Geek Typer as similar to Hacker Typer. So do try this prank website and type like a hacker and start trolling your friends and relatives.

2. Fake Update – Windows Update Prank

This is a crazy popular website that allows you to prank many people by sending them fake updates for their operating systems, just like Windows 7 and Windows 10. As a prank, when you send this update and the user being pranked clicks enter in the browser their screen will go blue completely. This is definitely a very effective and interesting prank also top 12 best cool prank websites.

3. To Create Fake Whatsapp Messages

Why you leave the opportunity to prank on WhatsApp behind. Firstly, download the WhatSaid app for the android mobiles and enjoy pranking users on WhatsApp by sending them fake updates.

4. Create Fake Facebook Status

This website give you prank users on Facebook, where you can make and share unlimited posts on Facebook which look like the real ones. This is the only one best popular website to make own fake facebook status then you can upload your own profile pic, To use the emotions and you can add the comment to your post.

5. Google Terminal

You can Change the way your friends Google looks by using Google Terminal. It turns Google to how it would you have supposedly looked like in the 70s. Apply this and enjoy the amazing feel of the 70s. Also, You can check this other google tricks to know more about google prank.

6.Red Button

This is very interesting website toWarn your friends to not click the red button. As the nature of the humans’ goes- they will end up the clicking it and enjoy this prank website.

7.Facebook Scary Prank

This interesting website allows you to make a Facebook ghost profile. Once you send it to your friends and scare them with these fake ghost profiles and prank to all your friends and relatives

8.Facebook Status Update From Any Fake Device Like iPhone

With this website to update the status on Facebook from any smartphone like the iPhone, Nexus and much more from this popular website. Even though you do not own this smartphone device, it will view and update from this device and your friends and relatives will be pranked into believing you own the premium device top 12 best cool prank websites.

Update: I’m very sorry to disappoint you that according to recent facebook algorithm changes, none of the methods is working to update facebook status through a fake device. I’m working hard to create the new trick for it. You Can do check it after some time, I will update it soon.


With this amazing tool to crash the web browsers of any desktop or any laptop by the links provided. You just create sure your friend opens from their phone or their laptop, and you can see the results. Their device will also get frozen and it will hang up and they will require to restart it to back to normal.

10. Prank Owl

Prank Owl let you create prank calls to your friends and relatives and you can easily send pre-recorded hilarious voices to all over the world. All calls are pre-recorded on this popular website, which you can easily listen and send to others. It is also one of the best websites for caller ID spoofing. You can call your friend or relatives with fake caller ID and prank them. You require buying the premium tokens to get other features.

11. The Flash Mind Reader

One of the best popular prank websites out there. A unique best website on its own- it is a gem of a website, and it seems as if it can read your mind also. All you require to do is get your friends relatives to thinking really hard to figure out how does the Flash Mind Reader manage to read your mind quickly?

12. Hacker Typer

Hacker Typer is a best popular website on the internet for trolling your friends and relatives with creating them believe that you are a hacker. This website allows you to spoof people by creating them believe that you are a hacker.

So above post is on top 12 best cool prank websites.

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