Top 20 Best Google Tricks And Tips 2018

top 20 google tricks and tips

Here, I will tell you about Top 20 best google tricks 2018. Through this post, you can easy to learn Top 20 best google tricks and tricks. Google is also an American multinational technology specializing in internet-related services. Learn about Top 20 best google tricks.

Top 20 Best Google Tricks and Tips 2018

top 20 best google tricks


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There are Top 20 best google tricks and tips are given below:-

1. Suggesting right keywords

google suggest search

2.Compares two Foods


 google compare foods

3. To use Google as a Timer


Google Timer
4.This will give you the exact time of Sunrise and sunset for any city


sunset and sunrise of city google

5. It will convert for you just like inches to cm


To convert value google

6.Google will translate for you


To google translate
7.Searching for “zerg rush” creates a search page game being eaten by ‘O’s. Click each O three times to kill it


 To zerg rush in google

8.You can also calculate exact tip amount for your meals by google


To google tip calculator.
9.Do a search for “recursion” and get stuck in a loop


To google loop

10.Google will give you information about any company or person


11.To Type the word tilt and watch what happens


To tilt

12. Google will do some tricks for you search  do a barrel roll 


To do a barrel roll

13.To Feel gravity in Google Gravity

To Google Gravity

14. The Google will show the weather forecast for any city


To google forecast

15. Google Like a Linux Terminal

To google terminal
16 To Check results of any particular website


To site specific

17. Google can show you movie times and locations


To movie show times

18. Google can find songs for you by bands you like


To songs by google

19.It will show you release date of any Movie


To movies release

20. It can show you books written by your favorite author


So above post is all about Top 20 Best Google Tricks 2018

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