Top 5 Best Android Hacking Apps & Tools 2018

top 5 best android hacking apps tools

Today, I’m going to share top 5 best android hacking apps. As we all know that android is a mobile operating system. It is developed by Google. In nowadays, hacking has become the very common process with the rise of advancements and technology in the mobile field. So, it is very important to know about the best hacking apps. You can also do experiments and lots of amazing things with your phone. I’m sure that this will turn your phone into the hacking machine. This post will finally give you top 5 best android hacking tools. Learn about top 5 best hacking apps & tools.

Top 5 Best Android Hacking Apps & Tools 2018

top 5 best android hacking apps tools

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Top 5 best android hacking apps tools

There are top 5 best android hacking app & tools are given below:-

1. Hack code

Hack code is one of the best hacking apps for those people who wants to hack their android phones. Through this app, the application of hacker’s Toolbox for penetration tester, Ethical hackers and IT administrator to perform different tasks are some like Google Hacking, Reconnaissance, Exploits and more.

2. Spoofapp

This app is definitely used for functionality. It can allow you to spoof calls with any caller ID number. Through this app, you can also manipulate your number shows up on your friend’s phone when you call. top 5 best android hacking apps. There are many other features like voice changer in which you can change your own voice and can even record the whole conversation. To spoof calls, firstly download this app.

3. Androrat

This app is short for Remote Administration Tool for Android. It is a server application developed in Java Android for the Swing for the Server, which is used to control an android system without having any physical access to the system.

4. Kill WiFi

Kill WiFi is the open source ethical hacking app. It is one of the most popular apps in this field. This app is Similar to the net cut app in Windows and this app is used to cut off anyone’s WiFi over your network. Kill WiFi is very useful when you have an open WiFi network and it is not protected by a strong password. By just a few clicks you can also cut off the WiFi of the intruder. This app is very easy to use tools and interactive interface. top 5 best android hacking apps

5. Apk inspector

This app is a great tool. I’m sure that any general app user will love this app. The main purpose of this app is to reverse engineer into any android application. It means that you will get the source code of any android application and also edit it in order to remove credits & license. You can also use it as a powerful GUI tool to see the workings of an Android app and also understands the coding behind it.

The above post will give you the top 5 best android hacking apps & tools 2018.

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