Top Cool Prank Websites On The Internet

In the present time, everyone is spending so much time on the internet. People love to watch videos, play games, and look for each other at various social networking websites. They purchase everything over the internet. You are reading this article because you have internet. Now there are many websites are available where can find a colossal number of prank. But you might not know all of them, so we are going to tell you about all the Top Cool Prank Websites On The Internet of 2018.

Top Cool Prank Websites On The Internet

Top Cool Prank Websites On The Internet

1)    Fake Update

You can enter the website URL and can prank your friends or anyone. Now what this website does is it displays the update screen of the windows, ios and android phone. It shows the fake screen, which can help you fool your friends.

2)    WhatsFake

This is one of the coolest pranks you can perform on your friends. This prank let you show fake WhatsApp chat. You can show fake conversation, but it will look like authentic to the other person.

3)    Greatbigstuff:

You can order things from this website. It will show you the smaller things in a very large size. You can order stuff like pencil, brush, cardboard and many other things.

4)    ShipYourEnemiesGlitter

This website will help you in sending a glitter bomb to anyone.

5)    GIFdanceParty

Please note that this website is for the desktop only. You can create a gif of your in a dance party and can share it with your friends.

6)    Shit Express:

This is one of the funniest pranks you can do to anyone. Now what you can do with this website is, you can send shit to any person in this world. Moreover, you can choose which animal will do shit. This is creepy but funny.

7)    Cat Facts:

This is somewhat like informative. With this you can send facts about two cats to your friends, whether they like or not but you can send and can troll them.

8)    Hacker Typer

If you want to prank someone really bad then this website is made for you. You can type anything on the website and in result it will show you a screen like you are performing some suspicious task.

9)    Peter Answers:

This application is somewhat like Siri, or Bixby. But the real difference is when you enter any question in this, it will give you funny answers. Type in your question and start getting funny answers from it.

10)    News of future:

This is one of the funniest and likely the useful website that you can find over the web. As the name says you can find the news about the future at this website.

11)    Geek Typer:

This application is somewhat similar to the hacker typer. You can troll your friends with the help of this website.

12)    CrashSafari

If you want to crash the web browser of your friend, then this website link is just made for you. You can send the link to this website to your friend. When your friend will open the link then his/her browser will crash. This trick is applicable for both mobile and web.

13) JibJab Messages:

If you want to add gifs to your images then, you can use this application. This application will be very useful for you, if you want to make funny gifs of yourself. You can also edit your images with the help of this application.

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